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Trust yourself, trust your heart

Trust your heart, trust yourself

How often do you need to make decisions about something, and then second-guess yourself? Probably more times than you can think, right? You waffle between what you know in your heart to do, yet you over-think it. You fail to listen to your heart, your inner voice, that intuitive part of yourself that helps you to navigate through life.

Growing up and becoming a young adult, I had a difficult time listening and trusting my own instincts. Like most children, I was taught to be dependent instead of independent. I did what I was told, and never questioned anything. As I got older, it took me a long time to trust myself, and believe me, it did not come easy. Heading out into the world on my own, I made mistakes. Lots of them. However, I learned from those missteps, and over time I gained the confidence I needed in order to trust myself. Along the way, I also discovered some valuable insights.

Removing Negative People

First, I realized that there may be some people out there who will try to sabotage your ability to trust yourself. You know who they are; the negative people who smash your dreams and basically say, “You’ll never (fill in the blank here).” These are the people you don’t want around. Remember, as an adult, you are in control, and can choose to have whomever you want to be a part of your life.

Being Faithful to Yourself

Second, I found that when I told myself something, I needed to follow through on it.

Keeping a promise to yourself is just as important as keeping promises to others.

There is a line in one of my favorite movies that says,

Always keep your promises if you want to keep your friends.

It’s pretty clear that before you can keep your friends, you need to learn to be your own friend and keep the promises you made to yourself.

Stop Beating Yourself Up

Third, I figured out that I needed to be nice to myself. We all have had that little talk with ourselves whenever we mess up. I am no different. I would forever beat myself up for something I did wrong, even years later. Fortunately, I was able to get past that and learn to redirect the obligatory persecution going on in my head into something a little more positive and upbeat.

I truly believe that when you remove the negativity from your life, keep your promises and quit torturing yourself for every little thing, you will open your heart to trust. You will become more in tune with that part of yourself that will guide you through life, and help you make decisions.

Trust yourself. Your heart will never lead you astray. – Angela Raspass

Yes, indeed.




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