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Are you waiting on God for something?

      It would seem after so many times of reading the Creation and after having it read to me as a child I must have encountered it at least 100 times. Yet, it wasn’t until recently that I noticed something.

Before God even created Adam, He first created the earth: He made the waters and the land, formed day and night, made living creatures such as fish and birds, and made sure that “it was good”. Now, God knew that Adam was going to be created, but it just wasn’t his time to be on earth. It was not until after everything was in place that God decided to make him.

      Out of all the times I’ve read the first chapters of Genesis, this stood out to me the most—that when Adam was finally placed in his calling, everything was already in place. Adam could take his first breath because the air had been formed, he could have dominion over the animals because God had already created them, and everything else he needed was there for him in the Garden of Eden.

      I find this interesting as I think of all the times I just want to jump right into something. I see an opportunity, think of an idea, and sometimes have this great vision I know is meant to happen. Yet, for some reason it seems to take forever for it to actually occur. I find myself praying to God saying when Lord? Why hasn’t this happen yet?

      I never considered though, similar to Adam, the reason why I haven’t been placed into the situation is because the timing isn’t right. God is in the process of creating everything that has to be in place for me to fulfill the task He has given me.

      You see, if Adam was created before the land or air was made what would he have walked on? How could he have breathed? If he was created before everything in the Garden of Eden was in place, how could his needs been fulfilled?

      Sometimes, our excitement over what God is going to do in our lives makes us grow impatient. We just can’t wait! And it is a good thing to be excited, we should be. We just have to be conscious that before we can do what God wants us to do, He has to put everything in order.

      Before David could be recognized, a battle had to be set up. Goliath had to defeat the other soldiers in order for David to rise up to his calling. Before Jesus could be crucified, the betrayal had to be finished. In these situations both of these men had a calling on their life, but they couldn’t fulfill it until the timing was right. Why? Because God was still in the process of securing that everything was aligned correctly for His purpose to come to pass.

      Today, you may be waiting on God for something. It could be healing, it could be a promotion, or for God to reveal something to you. It may seem like you have been waiting forever and that it will never come, but it will. I encourage you to have confidence that God is setting everything up. He’s preparing and creating the situation so like Adam, when He does place you in it, you’ll have all you need.

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