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Things You Must Know In Your Relationships

Listed below are questions you should know if you are thinking about dating someone and/or already in a relationship with them.

Family, Finances, and Personal Traits

What are your family values? Do you wish to have kids?

How were you raised and would like to raise your children? How do you feel about your parents?

How do you use your finances? are you a spender? What assets do you think are of most importance? 

What are your goals? How have you achieved them thus far and how do you hope to achieve them? 

Would you support your mate as he/she moves up the corporate ladder?

Are you a possessive person? Do you have an anger problem?


Was God there to lay a foundation of your relationship if not why cause his got to be consulted so he can make sure its the right date for you?

What are your spiritual values?  Do you intend to be in Heaven?

Sexual Background

Does your partner have or have they been sexually active with someone who has AIDS or other STD’s?
How sexually active are/have they been?

How many partners have they had?

How Do You They Treat You?

1. Does the person actually care enough about me to really listen to what I’m saying? If I make reference to something do they care enough about me to inquire further about it in an effort to understand me?

2. Does the other person ask me about my life my hopes my dreams? Or are they only interested in sharing their hopes, life and dreams with you?

3. After getting to know each other for a while ask yourself: Do I find myself comfortable enough with the other person not to just want to, but actually pick up the phone and talk? (This is a good indication of whether they have consciously or unconsciously communicated TO YOU their interest/pleasure about hearing from you or if you’re just another iron in the fire.)

Excerpt from Serious Relationship Questions to Ask by Nannette. Copyright – Reprint Permission Granted. 

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