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Discovering One,

All over the Kingdom, My children are seeking something new: revelations, wisdom, and new dimensions of My glory. Finally, you have grown weary of the superficial ways and customs that this world tries to impose upon you. My children want more in this season. They want more from Heaven. I AM filled with joy that My will is the object of many obsessions. My passions have returned to the hearts of My people!

I AM rejoicing because you have defiantly resisted and chosen to follow My words and My Holy Spirit! You have cried out to Me for manifestation and change and even now many of you are diligently seeking My face, My will, My plans and My purposes: can you sense My joy?

My dream for you Child is not only the “on-earth-as-it-is-in-heaven” aspect of your life but I long for you to be transformed by taking on My mindset. I AM restoring you to a freshness. I AM returning spiritual vigor to My people. I AM causing a marked change in your minds. Paul says it this way:

                  “..but we have the mind of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 2:16

In this hour it will not come by your strength but by the transforming power of My Word. All change begins in your mind, for it is with your mind that you determine to serve Me.

No, Little One, I AM not asking that you do needless spiritual calisthenics, rather, submit yourself to My power to transfigure, to mold, and to make new.

Beloved, I AM the Original Transformer and behold, I AM making all things new!

I AM He who causes permanent and eternal change by My Spirit that stirs within you. From this time forward, you will see as I AM seeing, understand as I AM understanding, and know Me as intimately as I know you. Be patient with yourself, Child, as I AM continually fashioning you into the image of My Son.

Just as the caterpillar’s first job is to eat and grow to become a butterfly, so it is with you! Take My Word and digest it and allow Us to change you from within. Even you will be surprised by who I have designed you to in this hour. We wait for you, Bold Deliverer…
There really is more to you than meets the eye.

With Great Anticipation,

The Ancient One

13 Responses

  1. CS4L

    Yes!!! I DO have the mind of Christ & there is so much more to be developed in our lives according to His will! With the mind of Christ, we can do EVERYTHING He's created us to do!! What a timely & revelatory piece!! I thank God for the scribe Anointing on your life & I can't wait to read more!!!

  2. Renea Collins

    Awesome, fresh, innovative, provocative, timely, and truth! These are just a few adjectives to describe this literary work. Thank you for speaking the Father's heart with clarity, sincerity and withou fanfare. Absolutely love this work and you! Continued blessings!

  3. Shané Williams

    Yes Lord, transform me……….make me new.  Camille, you are God's mouth piece and for that your audience is grateful.  Keep them coming.

  4. Camille Snow

    Princess, you are complete in Him! I'm humbled, in awe and thrilled about this season for the Kingdom! Keep us in prayer…love ya!

  5. Camille Levins-Snow

    Yes, we do! This is the season of the Believer! There is NOTHING you cannot do! You are my friend of friends and I appreciate you more than you know! Love you! #GO

  6. Ashley Ormon

    Usually, I don't comment on our own articles, but these lines:

        In this hour it will not come by your
    strength but by the transforming power of
        My Word. All change begins in
    your mind, for it is with your mind that you
        determine to serve Me.

    Yes! Romans 12:2 tells us to get a new mindset! We need to transform to take form of who God created us to be! Great @c21fef21e0ea606b05770fd9ac7dd6aa !

  7. Renita Walker

    There is no greater wisdom than the Word of the Lord. Thanks for being a mouthpiece for his voice…it is sometimes hard to discern with the busy-ness of life rushing around us. If we ever needed to hear Him clearly, surely that time is now! Indeed…the believer is being separated and while it feels uncomfortable and lonely at times it is necessary for the transformation to take place.

    Waiting expectantly inside my little cocoon…let the transformation begin!

  8. Camille Snow

    Friend, I am blessed to know that you are blessed. It is my desire to hear Him and to Him clearly! I'm honored, humbled and excited about where the Father is taking us. Lets enjoy the journey! Being transformed right along with you…

  9. Bethany Hunt

    Finally got to read all of this today. This is on time, refreshing and renewing to my weary spirit. Thank you for pointing me back to my resting and hiding place in Him. No longer afraid of the silence that I've heard lately but it is with expectation that I will wait in His presence as I am renewed!

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