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The Quiet Place

“And in the morning, rising a great while before day, He went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.” Mark 1:35

It could be a walk through your garden or a leisurely stroll in the park. The wind sends a cool breeze that wisps through your hair. Your eyes glance up to admire leaves that wave their hands in praise and adoration to the Creator. Aware of His glorious handiwork, you gaze into the blazing sun. Its brilliance beams down on your face, warming your heart like the kiss of a child early in the morning. Life in God is good…

Creation testifies and draws your attention towards the heavens. With your eyes closed, personal worship consumes you, and the awesomeness of God’s goodness and grace floods your heart and mind. His love reminds you of each time He delivered you, every miracle and the promise of His steadfast love. Just the hint of His presence makes you smile.

It’s the quiet place.

The purpose of this place is communion and intimacy. He wants to give you all of Him as you have Heaven’s undivided attention. Here, you can turn aside and receive of the Father instruction, healing, wisdom and blessing. In turn, He accepts praise and adoration from you, His beloved. In this place, reflect on all the blessings and benefits that have been bestowed upon you by the Father. You can come to know His heart through meditating on His word and by seeking His Presence, for in His presence, joy is made full and complete. Suddenly, you realize He’s with you and you whisper, “Father, I love You. You alone are worthy of my praise. I love You, Lord.”

As only a devoted father can, He smiles and speaks into your spirit, reassuring you by the Holy Ghost that “Yes, Child, you are Mine.”

Jesus, our savior was often found in the quiet place speaking to His father. Our elder Brother was refreshed and strengthened daily in His fellowship and deep, intense intimacy with the Father. Jesus received guidance, affirmation and love while sitting at the feet of His Father.

Prayer is our direct connection to and means of communication with God. It must be our priority. We must want to be with Him as he desires our company.

Just as He revealed himself to Moses while hiding him amid the rocks, so will he show Himself to those of us who long to know Him.

Meet Him today in your quiet place.


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