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The Danger In Making God Wait

“But God…” Have you ever found yourself saying this? No? How about this one: “God, I’m not ready.”

Has God instructed you to do something and you just didn’t feel ready? You procrastinated by putting Him on hold, asking Him to wait, and continued on.

Well, there was someone else who did that and this is the story…

Jesus was out among a multitude of people one day and while He was there, a man came up to Him and told Jesus he wanted to follow Him. Jesus told the man that foxes and birds had a secure place to rest, but He didn’t. It was Jesus’ way of letting this man know early on, it wouldn’t always be easy. Later on during the day Jesus saw a man and asked him to follow Him. This person agreed, but under one condition: first he had to take care of some personal business and then, he would be ready to follow Christ. Jesus told this man to let whatever he had to do to take care of itself and instead, share God’s message;  the man replied, “I want to follow you Jesus, but wait—I have to do something else first”.  Again and again, Jesus asked people to follow Him and without any change of heart, they all told Jesus they had something else to do first. (Adapted from Luke 9:57-62).

Right now in your life are you putting God on hold? Do you relate to the people in the story who asked Jesus to wait? So many times I hear people say, “Oh, I’m going to go to church one day—not now though.” Or “I’m going to get myself correct before the Lord, but I’m not ready.”

These people want to follow Jesus but first they want to go to one last club, have one more drink, one last hookup—they aren’t ready to follow Jesus—and instead of dropping everything else and following Him, they tell God to wait.

Jesus had a response about these type of people. In Luke 9:62 He says anyone who plans to follow Him, but continues on with their lifestyle is not fit for God’s Kingdom. Now, I’m not sure about you, but I know I want to be fit for God, I want to be fit for His Kingdom. 

It can be hard giving up a lifestyle we are accustomed to and may even still desire, however, in order to do God’s will and completely follow Christ it is necessary to give it up.

How terrible would it be to procrastinate and continue putting God off by saying “Wait Lord, just one more day, one more month, one more time…” and completely lose the opportunity to be a part of His Kingdom forever.

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