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Thank God for the Pressure

Written by: Jasmine Alexis

Why thank God for pressure? Pressure is not comfortable. Pressure hurts. Pressure seems to squeeze all of the life out of us. Because of this, one would assume that pressure is a bad thing. But for a child of God, pressure is beneficial.

When we’re under pressure, we tend to pray it off of us. But God uses pressure to force what’s on the inside out of us. Just as when a person steps on a bug, applying pressure, the guts come out; the same concept applies to us: pressure reveals what’s on the inside of us. God has placed so much treasure within us. 2 Corinthians 4:7 tells us that we have “treasures in earthen vessels.” There are treasures within each of us—special anointing, gifts, talents, power, purpose, etc. but these things require pressure for them to be released. The greater the pressure, the greater the power and other treasures will be released in our lives. So pressure is a good thing. Consider it a blessing when you’re under pressure, knowing that it’s ultimately making you better and more powerful and anointed to do what you were called to do. And remember that Jesus Himself dwells within you; so expect Him to be revealed in your life in a mighty way through the pressure.

My challenge for you this week is to praise God in the midst of pressure and to thank Him for the pressure.

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