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Surround Yourself with Positivity

So sorry that I missed last week’s Encourage Me Wednesday post. Unfortunately, I was a little under the weather. But it gave me an opportunity to think, which is something I always do when I don’t feel well. I found my thoughts kept leading back to one thing – surround yourself with positivity.

No matter where you are at in life, negativity will always try to worm its way in, and place a strong hold upon you. It has an uncanny way of knowing when you feel weak so it can take up residence in your mind, heart and soul. I notice this a lot when I am not feeling well, or feeling down.

During these moments, I find it best to surround yourself with positivity. It does not matter what form it comes in, just as long as it brings about a positive state of mind and heart while firmly planting roots deep within your soul. For me, I stay away from negative news, remove anything unpleasant from my Facebook feed, watch movies that make me happy and do the things that I love the most.

I recently came across this wonderful Positivity Pledge. I challenge you all to take it, as I think it will help with keeping the negative away!




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