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Sound The Alarm!

Written by Guest Contributor: Franchesica Bassaw

The times that we are living in today are those that have become quite alarming, not only to the world but to the Christian community as well. From the numerous natural disasters that are occurring worldwide to the wars that are waging in nations, there is no doubt that these are the end times in which we are living in.

However, in seeing these things, what are we as Christians doing about it? I have seen that many of us are on fire and are doing what God is calling us to do in these times, and I have also seen that many of us have become complacent and comfortable in our walks with God, thinking that we as Christians know the truth, and that is enough. But it is not. Many of us forget that our walks and relationship with God STARTS when we receive Christ. This is when our life begins, not ends.

Are we doing everything that we can do in these times to spread the word of God out there? To let the people know that there is an answer to the chaos and destruction and that it’s Jesus? Are we doing our part as Christians? Or have we become stagnant in our own lives and forgotten our purpose as to why we are here on this earth? We were made and created by God, for God to do His work, will and purpose for our lives. Many of us have had our flames dimmed out and allowed it to become faded instead of continuously reigniting the fire and spending time with God. The lives that we lead now are only temporary and we as Christians must realize that we were meant for more. We were meant to change the world.

This article isn’t about condemnation nor is it about making you, the reader feel guilty, but rather it is an awakening to those who will hear the call. Especially in these perilous times. God longs for us to seek His face and spend time with Him more than ever and not act in our own flesh. We can do nothing without Him. He longs for His children to awaken in this hour and rise up to the place that they are called to be so that they can make a mark on this world that He has given them.

We as Christians are destined for greatness, and are destined to create change in this world, whether it is at the places where we work or go to school, or in front of masses of people across the world. We are called to be His disciples. It’s time for the church to wake up and take a stand on the very principals that we believe in– the Word. We need to go back to the basics and remember that there is POWER in the name of Jesus and that when we call upon His name; all things are possible to those that believe it by faith.

We must not become wary and content at where we are in our walks with God or with our lives, but strive to reach the lost no matter what. Our time on this earth is very short and the enemy beckons on the hearts of those that are weak and preys on them like a leech. But we as Christians hold the truth to what can set those captives free. We have become selfish and keep the word for ourselves when it is a gift, the most precious gift that can ever be given. We must rise up in these times and be the change that we wish to see in the world. We are at war with the enemy and God is calling His soldiers and His army to rise up in these times.

Will you answer the call?
 -Franchesica Bassaw is a God-fearing woman. Be on the lookout for more of her post here at Proverbs & Wisdom in our “encouragement” section!

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