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Things You Should Remember in Life

On making choices Choices

Sometimes the things we don’t want to do is what we must in order to survive.

Sometimes the hardest choice to choose is the one we’d rather not pick.


On mistakes

Sometimes we get hit with the unexpected and no one’s to blame. It’s only life taking it’s course.

Sometimes we know better, but don’t do better and that doesn’t 100% qualify us as a fool, but simply human.

Sometimes things don’t always have a rhyme or reason at first, and it takes years to understand appreciate the reason why.


On letting go


Sometimes it is necessary to let go of what you’ve learned to hold on to.

Sometimes we have to let go of what we thought we’ve always wanted to get what we really need.


Pain and Stress

On hurting

Sometimes doing what’s best hurts before it feels good.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the process of healing takes time, and just because it still hurts doesn’t mean it isn’t healing.



What are somethings you think we should always remember? Share your wisdom in a comment!



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