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Receive the Proverbs & Wisdom Award

It’s the time again, when the nomination for the annual Proverbs & Wisdom Award is opened!


The Proverbs & Wisdom Award is presented annually to one website, or blog, which encourages, empowers, or enlightens Christians and unbelievers alike.

Recipients are presented with:

  1. A one-page interview with IN THE LIGHT magazine
  2. A paper (yes, mailed to you) certificate and letter
  3. An award button to display on their website/blog/etc.
  4. A special unannounced present (changes every year).

So how can you be nominated?

  • Nominate one blog in the comment section below.
  • You have one vote. Only your 1st blog vote counts.
  • Please include the blog’s URL.
  • Briefly say why you believe the blog is ought to win the award. No explanation, no award.

The blog must be nominated more than once.

So bloggers, ask your readers to nominate you!


Nominations will be taken until May 24th 11:59 pm EST.

The recipient will be announced in June.


Congratulations to Brenda Hendricks, the Proverbs & Wisdom recipient for 2013!

Comment — well, nominate — away below!

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