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Since Proverbs & Wisdom began we have been filling you with lessons upon lessons about God. However, we haven’t had a specific set of lessons dedicated to just Proverbs. Ironic, huh?

Proverbs & Wisdom Series:

So to start off 2013, this month we will be having a series strictly on the book of Proverbs. We’ll show you how friendships, marriage, wealth, family, success and failure, health, authority and leadership are all relevant to this one book: Proverbs.

Daily Wisdom

On the website, we’ll post about 2-3 articles per week for this series, however, we’re also having something special for this month: daily wisdom to your inbox.

For the month of January, we’ll be doing a special “Proverbs a Day” series — but we’ll only be sending it to email subscribers. We know daily email can become a hassle, so we’re going to make the emails short, but powerful.

Here’s the plan:

Every day we’ll email you with a scripture from that day’s Proverbs (January has 31 days and since there are 31 proverbs, January 2nd you’ll receive a scripture from Proverbs chapter 2, January 3rd a scripture from Proverbs chapter 3, and so forth.)

And alongside the scripture we’ll either tell you how you can apply that verse to your life, what it means, or a fact about the book of Proverbs — in about 3-6 sentences.

A Daily Dosage:

One scriptures, 4 sentences, and a daily dose of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding altogether.

We thank you all for being a part of our community as we enter our second year in this ministry, and we welcome everyone who is new to our community. May God bless you and prosper you in 2013.


If you’d like to receive our  “Proverbs a Day” series, please subscribe below.

Proverbs A Day Series:

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