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Like reflections, poetry mirrors the beauty which already exist.

The “Christian”
Last night I dreamt a dream,
But unlike any I had before,
I dreamt that I was dead and gone,
Alone, at Heaven’s door.
My ears could hear no laughter,
My eyes could barely see,
But I smiled when I heard a voice,
For I knew God had spoke to me.
I was elated when I heard Him,
Lord, am I welcomed in?
But He stood with wrath before me,
            You refused to turn from sin.
Lord, I am a Christian,
I prayed to you each day,
I evangelized, I baptized,
Brought back those who slid away-
Jesus, can you help me?
I do not understand,
            Depart from me, I know you not-
He stood at God’s right hand.
            You partied, you drank, you smoked,
            And by my name you swore,
            You lied, you cheated, you stole,
            You gave but to get more.
Please remember me, my Father,
I am the bride of Christ,
            A man must have one master,
            For he only has one life.
Tears poured down my face,
LORD! I worshiped you,
I read my Bible, preached the word,
Did all you said to do.
Was I never faithful?
Was I never kind?
            Your heart was filled with sin, my love,
            With it you intertwined.
            You sung the songs of sinners,
            You engaged in their evil ways,
            Yes, you did pray daily,
            “Forgive me, Lord,” you’d say-
            And now you stand before me,
            With evil in your soul,
            I tried to make you holy,
            But you refused to be made whole.
But can’t I get another chance?
Just give me one more try-
            There isn’t any forgiveness
            To sinners who have died-
            Turn from me you evil one,
            I told you sin no more,
Heaven’s gates began to close,
And there, was Satan’s door.
Just as I was leaving God,
My heart started to race,
My eyes were opened, I was alive,
Saved by Jehovah’s grace-
What seemed to be my eternity,
Was only a dream I saw,
But death is always final,
From it life cannot be restored.
All my life I loved Jesus,
Yet my spirit wasn’t saved,
And the loan I signed for a worldly life,
In hell I would have paid.

“The ‘Christian'” All Rights Reserved.
2011 Ashley Ormon

To print or redistribute please contact Ashley at Thank you.
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