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Getting Personal: How Not Working on God’s Timing Hurt Me

Can I be transparent with you?

I have a personal story, fairly recent too, about how succeeding in what God called you to do, or envisioned for you, can be all a matter of working on His timing.

Keeping An Eye On Time

Last year God placed it in my heart to start IN THE LIGHT magazine.

Well, I got so excited about it I ended up making a huge mistake. Because I knew many of the details the magazine entailed due to God giving me the vision, I went about preparing for the first issue to come out.

Now you may say, well…isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

Yes, kind of. Except I wasn’t preparing and planning and setting it all up on God’s timing. Exactly what we aren’t suppose to do when try to fulfill God’s plan.

Truth be told, I didn’t even realize I took God’s vision and ran. Lesson learned: s l o w down.

I solicited writers, I came up with themes, had the design and photographs, and because I practically had all I needed for a first issue, I decided at the end of 2011 IN THE LIGHT would be published. I was excited! Here I was fulfilling the vision God gave me.

And then something terrible, or rather some things, went terribly wrong…

Try as I might, the magazine faced various challenges that made it nearly impossible to publish. And it got so bad, I became really discouraged and decided maybe it wasn’t God’s vision after all.

Time to relaxI packed up everything for the magazine with slumped shoulders, full of disappointment, and completely let anything related to the magazine fade from my thoughts.

Within the course of the magazine fading from my mind, I ended up taking a few classes from writing to marketing, business and journalism. I did a lot of research on business and freelance start-up, different publishing platforms and the like. Most of all, I met some amazing people who, later on, became the leading staff for IN THE LIGHT magazine today.

In January of this year, I recovered all the magazine files. I reflected on them, confused about why it didn’t work out. And with prayer, a lot more than I had done before, I knew for sure it wasn’t in 2011 that the magazine was to come out, but March 2012. It would mark Proverbs & Wisdom’s one year anniversary.

It’s funny how in hindsight everything is so clear. After two issues I realized what had gone wrong last year. It wasn’t that God didn’t want me to start a magazine. And it wasn’t that I had prepared wrong either. The articles were fine, the design was perfect, the themes were in line. The only thing that was wrong was the timing.Wait on God

Had I started the magazine before I was supposed to, we wouldn’t have as many editors as we do now. And being honest, without any one of them I’m not sure if the magazine would be of quality, let alone thrive. Without learning information from the research I did, the classes I took, and meeting other people, who knows how successful that first issue would have been.

So, if you’ve become discouraged in thinking “Why isn’t this working?” or “Is this really my God-given purpose?” because something or nothing isn’t working out…relax. Perhaps it’s just not your time or not your vision’s time to be fully birthed. God may still have some people for you to meet, lessons for you to learn, and setting up to do.

Pray hard, stay focused, pray hard, remain encouraged, pray hard, and wait on the Lord.

Blessings in Christ,


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