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Peace That Passes Understanding


There is a peace—an everlasting peace—that passes all understanding, overcomes all stress, and will stay within us forever. Normally, we find that peace is only temporary. We find it by taking a brisk walk outside, finding a place to be alone, and after these moments are done we find ourselves returning to an unsound mind.

Why does this happen though? Why is it when you do find peace it doesn’t last? The answer is simple: you are looking for it in the wrong places. Jesus said “Peace be with you”. When Peter and John, disciples of Jesus, wrote they ended with “Peace to all of you” and “Peace to you”. Notice that Jesus, Peter, and John didn’t say “peace when you go out”, “peace when you are at the park”, or anywhere else. They said “peace be with you”. The reason you don’t have an everlasting peace is because you haven’t searched where it exists—in you.

To find true peace you don’t even have to move. The Bible says God has given you peace, power, and a sound mind. If He’s given it to you, why not receive it? Inner peace is the most precious peace of all. It is always with you, easy to get access to, and made just for you. It doesn’t require meditation or yoga. All it requires is for you to receive it and bring it out from within.

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