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October’s Theme RELEASED!


I’m elated. God has blessed us with a powerful theme for October, and we are eager to share it with you.

As always, our themes attempt to help both the Christian and unbeliever. If you’ve landed on our website and noticed the cross and words often associated with Christianity, please do not think we aren’t a good fit for you.

Our mission is to empower and encourage all individuals to become prosperous in life. And so for October, we are introducing our newest series: Life More Abundantly

I’m not sure about you, but each morning I wake up wanting more and not in a selfish way either. I want to enjoy more of life, appreciate all that I have been given, and really learn how to use what I have effectively. In searching and praying for the abundant life spoken of in John 10:10, God has taught me how to do so; now, I am ready to teach you.

Please check in with us during the week to be enlightened on how you can make yourself prosperous. We at Proverbs and Wisdom also extend an invitation for you to become a subscriber. By simply providing us with your email, you’ll receive wisdom notes that will bring you higher in life and exclusive messages directly to your inbox!

Many blessings to you!




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