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November’s Theme Announced

If you’ve been to a store lately, this announcement will certainly not come as a shock to you, but in case you were unaware or unprepared, the holidays are upon us. 
Candy will be going on clearance today to make way for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations.  The toy aisles will be packed with focused, cash-strapped parents looking for that last Mighty Jack the Lumberjack action figure with real tree-chopping action or that ever-popular Wendy Wets-the-Bed baby doll. 
Needless to say commercialism will be clamoring for your complete attention for the next couple of months, almost certainly competing with your already too busy life, what with work, bills, and the like.
And though you may have heard it once or twice, we’d like to take some time to remind you that this time of year is not about digging yourself deeper into debt to buy presents for your friends and families.  It’s about spending time with them.  It’s about creating memories with them.  It’s about thanking God for them, and loving them the way He does.
So, our theme for the month of November is Friends and Families, and we’ll be delving into how to live with and love those closest to you in ways that please God this holiday season.
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God bless,

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