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Win a prize! Name our blog!

We’re all grown up, and now that we are and have our new website we want to rename our blog. Many of you have expressed to us our blog has been a source of encouragement and inspiration for you. So, calling our blog “The Blog” just doesn’t seem accurate anymore. And we need your help.


Suggest a name:

We are asking you, our friends and readers, to choose the name of our blog. What do you want it to be called?  

Win a prize:

The person whose name suggestion we choose will win an autographed copy of: Roaring Lions by Warren Baldwin, a comprehensive study on the book of Proverbs; God in Your Morning, a devotional by Ashley Ormon; and Spreading Joy Daily by Marie Wikle, a book with 365 ways of how to spread joy and goodness to others.

Winner will be chosen:

Suggestions will be taken until Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 and the winner will be announced Friday, July 17th. (The winner will be contacted with the email address (s)he uses to comment.


What would you like our blog to be named?

Please leave a suggestion in the comments below:


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