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Learning to smile when it’s hard to

You ever have those days, or even months at a time where life is tough? Despite how much time you spend preparing, you never have enough time. When success is aimed at you, somehow it misses your mark by an inch. And although you pray constantly, the “storm” hasn’t ended.

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The past month or so has been hard for me. The days were trying, stressful, filled with disappointments, and the list goes on. Yet, every day I still manage to smile and laugh. I wake up ready to begin a new morning and thank God at night for a day well-lived.

When difficult times hit us it so easy to

  • Complain about our problems
  • Worry how things will work out
  • Become depressed and lose hope
  • Get upset because our prayers haven’t been answered…yet

But when we stop looking at what’s wrong to thank God for what’s going right, and release our worries acknowledging God’s in control, we receive peace.

So try this…instead of being all frustrated about your issues

  • Remember past struggles you’ve gotten through
  • Seek God for peace and a sound mind
  • Continue praying
  • Thank God for what He has done and is already doing for you
  • Surround yourself around positivity
  • Believe and remember hope is never lost

I’ll never forget a hurricane we had in NY a few years ago (no, not Sandy) and it was pretty bad. Trees had fallen, we had lost power for days, but after the storm had cleared I went outside. And when I looked at the sky, there was a double rainbow.

I laughed a little bit and thought, “I guess the harder the storm, the brighter the sunshine. Two rainbows. A double reminder of God’s coverage.”

Please be encouraged today that despite what you’re going through, God has you in the palm of His hands. It’ll all work out in the end, and if you’re ever in need of prayer we will pray for you.


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