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The Kingdom Writer's Award

The Kingdom Writer’s Award

The Kingdom Writer's Award

This year Proverbs & Wisdom is introducing The Kingdom Writer’s Award. The award will go to two people who use their writing to bring lives closer to God’s Kingdom.

What will the recipients win?

  1. A website/blog award to display on ther website
  2. A certificate and letter to honor them with the award
  3. The opportunity to be featured on our website

This award will be given by us once, and annually. The nomination period is Monday, October 1, 2012 – Saturday, October 30, 2012.

How You Can Win:

The award will be given to those nominated in a comment below. In your comment, please include:

  1. One blog or website which you believe the writer uplifts or informs its readers about God
  2. You must include the blog or website’s URL address
  3. Please explain why the writer (or blog/website) ought to receive the award
If any of these 3 criteria are not met, the writer will not be eligible to win the award.
Rule Change: Writers and bloggers are now permitted to nominate themselves.

(People who nominate you do not need to have a website of their own.)

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