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The Kingdom Writer's Award

The Kingdom Writer’s Award

The Kingdom Writer's Award

This year Proverbs & Wisdom is introducing The Kingdom Writer’s Award. The award will go to two people who use their writing to bring lives closer to God’s Kingdom.

What will the recipients win?

  1. A website/blog award to display on ther website
  2. A certificate and letter to honor them with the award
  3. The opportunity to be featured on our website

This award will be given by us once, and annually. The nomination period is Monday, October 1, 2012 – Saturday, October 30, 2012.

How You Can Win:

The award will be given to those nominated in a comment below. In your comment, please include:

  1. One blog or website which you believe the writer uplifts or informs its readers about God
  2. You must include the blog or website’s URL address
  3. Please explain why the writer (or blog/website) ought to receive the award
If any of these 3 criteria are not met, the writer will not be eligible to win the award.
Rule Change: Writers and bloggers are now permitted to nominate themselves.

(People who nominate you do not need to have a website of their own.)

7 Responses

  1. rita schulte

    If we can nominate ourselves, it is with great humility that I asked to be considered. I am a counselor with a passion for anything that deals with matters of the heart. I am a writer who expresses that passion through the written word, with the desire to be conduit of hope and healing for others, and most importantly to point them to the only one who can heal truly their brokenness–Jesus. My website is The site offers wisdom from some of the best counseling minds in the country through my radio podcast show. We dig deep here, talking about the cutting edge issues of life that are affecting all of our hearts and lives, with the goal of bringing relevant content, and pointing people to Christ. My blog, Life Talk Today, features articles on faith, emotional healing and spiritual formation.The reason I would love to receive this award is reflected in the title: Kingdom Writers Award. What greater honor could there be than to be known as someone whose work and ministry honors God, blesses others, and points people to the Savior.

  2. songdove

    “individuals who use their writing to bring lives closer to God’s Kingdom” This is the entire purpose of my new series, “Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey” The official page for this series is: and it’s Notes feature is more or less used in a blog-like fashion, syndicated to the companion website for my series, my Amazon author page, etc. Putting myself out there is stretching me, as I’d rather be in the background. But God has given me a story to share, so here I am. The Facebook author page has a welcome tab with it’s own news link where you can read excerpts of my writing, and follow a freshly-launched book tour featuring excerpts from each of the six volumes in my series. What really matters is drawing people closer to the heart of God.

  3. this is a blog page of my poems and some of a story I wrote. I believe this blog should win because it has my poems and a story I started to write. And I don’t usually share my work. But since I believe writing is my gift from God I learned to share my work. Also I have some poems about God and Jesus on my page. I feel this blog lets me share my gift from God and my poems. Plus I never win anything.

  4. Mary Campagna Findley

    Please consider our blog, Elk jerky for the Soul. For a little over a year we have been publishing “Meat not milk” and “tough, but you need it” posts about our passion, the authority of the Scriptures and the need to disestablish secular Humanism as America’s established religion. We are nearing 1000 followers and have guest hosted Christian authors who share our values. We believe people need to hear our “slant” on politics, current events, belief, and sometimes even writing. 🙂

  5. Cheryle M. Touchton

    Please consider Pocket Full of Quarters,,
    for the Kingdom Writers Award. My name is Cheryle M. Touchton. I am the Director
    of Pocket Full of Change Ministries and author of this blog. The blog is called
    Pocket Full of Quarters because I travel the country, giving the gospel and
    handing out quarters – which represent the free grace of God and being prepared
    for life and eternity. I have poured my heart and soul into this work for 10
    years – since before the word “blog” even existed. I travel through 30-40
    states a year, ministering on the streets, at rock concerts, college block
    parties, and where ever the Holy Spirit leads. I’ve had 315 people pray with me
    to receive Jesus in 2012 and have seen thousands more receive Jesus at events I
    led or participated in. The harvest is ripe and the Holy Spirit is working in
    this great country. This blog contains those salvation stories as well as Bible
    Studies, devotions, church stories, and tips for evangelism, loving God and
    people, and travel. When I meet others ministering or giving the Gospel, I
    write those stories of hope as well. Each entry contains a scripture, story,
    and an application. Also on this blog are pictures of the people, places, and
    churches of America. The blog paints a spiritual picture of America and is worthy
    of an award because it demonstrates God’s continuing miraculous work in and
    love of America and Americans.

  6. BlessingCounter

    I would appreciate your consideration of Counting My Blessings,

    My name is Deb Wolf. CMB came our of my desire to hold myself accountable to noticing God’s blessings instead of focusing on my struggles. The Lord has graciously strengthened me through some very difficult times. My desire is to praise and glorify Him, by sharing the truth of His love. Thank you in advance for checking out Counting My Blessings.

  7. Andi Newberry

    Please consider my blog. My name is Andi Tubbs. I began Radiant Light in 2007 as a way to keep track of my reading and it grew into reviewing Christian fiction books. When I went through my divorce in 2008 I had to move and I have been able to use my healing from divorce to minister to others. I have reached others going through that pain and helped them find a Divorce Care Recovery Group so they can recover as well.

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