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The Kingdom Writer’s Award Winners Announced

Proverbs & Wisdom is thankful to all who participated in The Kingdom Writer’s Award nomination for 2012.

We would like to thank all the writers not only for submitting their links to be nominated, but also for writing for God’s Kingdom. The world needs uplifting and encouraging people; we thank God you are one of them!

And so, we are pleased to congratulate this year’s 2012 Kingdom Writer’s Award recipients:

Our first recipient is Deb Wolf, who writes on Counting My Blessings. Wolf strives to bring hope and stronger faith to her readers through her writing as she grows God’s Kingdom.

And our second is Rita Schulte, who writes on her website Schulte’s writing builds the Kingdom by helping others deal with matters of the heart and personal and spiritual growth.

We encourage all of our readers to visit our two recipients websites and get to know them.


(Please visit us again as we host the 2nd annual Proverbs & Wisdom award in December 2012.)




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