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July’s Theme

WWJD: a saying often said, yet a question sometimes unanswered. In case you are unfamiliar with this acronym it stands for “What would Jesus Do?” In moments of uncertainty we may ask ourselves or others this question.
This month instead of asking you, we are going to teach you. We will be studying the life of Jesus and the many lessons He taught. This way, you don’t have to wonder what He would do—you’ll know.
As we begin our walk in following the footsteps of Jesus, we hope you join us. Remember that you can always subscribe via e-mail on the left sidebar to receive all the latest updates from us! After entering your e-mail, we will also send you a confirmation link in order for you to say, “Yes! I am ready!”
Jesus said He is standing at the door knocking and we have opened the door. So be blessed, take a seat, and may you always dwell in the presence of our Lord.
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