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How Do You Know If You’re Really A Writer?

You Are A WriterDancers dance. Singers sing. And writers, well, they do just that – write.

Except there is this weird thing about writers: they don’t believe they are actual writers (not until they get published at least). I have plenty of friends who dance – most amateurs – who will tell you in a heartbeat that they are indeed, a dancer. The same goes with my friends who are singers (even if they’ve never sung in front of a crowd).

When I began my journey as a writer, I wrote short stories and a ton of poetry. People would refer to me as “Miss Poet” and tell me how I was a “good writer” and I couldn’t help but think, “Me? A writer? No.”

Jeff Goins, in his book You Are A Writer, believes differently. He says, “You are a writer. You just need to write.” Wait…pause right there, Jeff. You mean I don’t need to have an ebook published, have an article in a magazine, or even have been listed on The New York Times bestsellers list? Nope. He challenges every person who writes to pick up a pen, something to scribble on, and write this sentence: “I am a writer.”

I must say Goins’ book is powerful. I can’t tell you how many sentences I uprooted out of paragraphs to sticky-note around my work desk as “inspirational quotes for writers.” He has great one liners, like these:

Believe you already are what you want to be.  And then start acting like it.

I began to trust my calling before I had anything to show for it.

Until you acknowledge this — that you are a writer —  you are depriving the world of a gift it longs for. One that stands the test of time.

He provides a lot of wisdom too, something I know we love having here at Proverbs & Wisdom:

The greatest failure is to never risk at all.

When you fail, you don’t really fail. You learn.

What it takes to start is not talent but the willingness to finish, to follow through.

What’s the purpose for all of this? “We have an opportunity,” he says, “…to write words  that  matter,  to change lives with language.” I agree. We all have a message to share. Some tell it through song or dance movements, others through photographs and paintings; we writers share it with our words.

From aiding you to building confidence that you are a writer, to instructing you on building a platform, developing relationships with influential people, pitching stories to magazines and publishers, Goins covers it all in his book.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop waiting for someone to validate the title you were born into — a writer. Just go write but not before picking up a copy of You Are A Writer. Trust me, Goins’ words of wisdom will help you during the process.

You can visit Jeff Goins’ website at and pick up a copy of his book on

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