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Honored By God Or Destroyed By Yourself

     Everyone wants to be honored, yet few want to be humble. Throughout the Bible, it shows us the importance of maintaining a humble attitude. Satan, who was once an arch angel in Heaven, became too prideful and therefore, was cast out.

Proverbs 29:23 tells us that in order to receiver honor we must first be humbled– honor before humility, but pride before destruction. You see, pride does not bring us closer to God, nor does it allow us to receive good recognition.

Humility and the fear of the Lord bring wealth and honor and life. Proverbs 22:4

The verse above explains the benefits in being humble. To most, having success is obtaining honor, wealth, and life. God says when we do not seek acknowledgment, He will reward us with these. But why is humility so essential? My friend, I’m sure you’ve heard or recited the saying “actions speak louder than words.” If you are doing something positive, if you are successful, whatever it may be–people are going to notice. Why? Because actions speak. When you are doing well there is never a reason to boast or be prideful, people will notice. Besides, if you are going to be honored, let it be by someone else, not yourself. Praise from others is valued more.

Now some of you might be wondering, if I cannot be prideful, then how can I be proud of myself? Before I understood the true lesson of humility and pride, I thought the same. But there is a difference. Philippians 1:6 instructs us to be confident. We are to know who we are in Christ Jesus and be confident that He will complete all good things in our life. In this context, having confidence is the “assurance” or “affirmation of.”

Ex. We can rest assure that God will protect us.
      We can be prideful that God will protect us.

This example may be slightly exaggerated, but it gets the point across. The second sentence just doesn’t sound right. It is doesn’t make sense. In the first sentence you can see we have assurance, or confidence, because of what God is doing. In the second sentence we seem full of ourselves and the focus isn’t on God.

So next time you want honor to be honored, be humble. Live a lifestyle of humility. Being honored by yourself means nothing, but being honored by God, the King, the Creator of all–now that’s everything to rejoice over!

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