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God on Sunday Morning: Week One

Good morning friends! Start your morning out with God by thinking on these thoughts from Psalm 4:
-God will protect you.
(See Psalms 4:1)

-Seek the One and only true God, don’t put others and materialistic things in His place.

(See Psalms 4:2)
-Understand that God set you a part for Himself. Be thankful that He chose you!
(See Psalms 4:3a)

-God hears your prayers and will answer them.
(See Psalms 4:3b)

-Throughout your day if you become angry, don’t allow it to cause you to sin.
(See Psalms 4:4a)
-Right now, evaluate your life. Where do you stand? Are you on the path of righteousness?
(See Psalms 4:4b)
-Be correct before God and always keep your trust in Him.
(See Psalms 4:5)
-Let people see the glory of God in you. Let God work in you and through you today.
(See Psalms 4:6)
-Remember God put the greatest joy possible in your heart! Rejoice, don’t be upset!
(See Psalms 4:7)

For tonight:
You will fall asleep in peace because God makes you live under His protection.
(See Psalms 4:8) 

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