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God isn’t enough for us

It felt weird writing that title: God isn’t enough. Yet, many times we treat the Lord as if having Him, and only Him, isn’t good enough for us.

Instead, we want something or someone other than Him, or additional to Him, to feel complete. We want a husband or wife, a boyfriend or girlfriend, we want closer friends — or friends period.

We need a car, we need a better job. We need “them” and “this and that” to feel whole.

C’mon, let’s be real…

When we feel this way, it’s like saying, “God you aren’t enough for me.”

The crazy part is, Jesus had all of “them” and all of “that.” He was King of heaven. What were earthly riches? He attracted crowds of people, had a close circle of friends called disciples, and even a “best friend,” if you will, named Peter.

God was enough for Jesus. And God should be enough for us too.

But for Jesus, “them” and all of that wasn’t enough. Jesus retreated to quiet places — away from everything and everyone — to have private moments with God. For Christ, God was enough and without God, he could do nothing.

If we are feeling incomplete, it isn’t because we lack stuff or people, it’s because we lack a greater connection with God. Like Jesus, find a time and place to spend private time with God.

The truth is: If all we have is God, than we have all we need.

God isn’t enough.

Why do you think we feel God isn’t enough for us sometimes? How can we fix this?

Let us know in a comment below.

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