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Featured Post: Joy for Success!

All too often, many people feel that joy and happiness is the same thing, but this is not true.

Our joy depends on Jesus and even when we have tears, the joy of the Lord is our strength (Neh. 8:10). We rely on Him to get us through knowing that He is there in the midst of our problems, issues and great sadness.

Happiness is a wonderful emotion that comes and goes. It puts a bright smile on our face and makes our eyes wide with delight.  Joy simply is there, in the depths of our heart, always waiting for us to choose it, enjoy it and run with it.

Another problem I encounter often is how people define success.  Maybe I’m of a simple mind and a plain kind of heart, but I see success differently than most.

Many feel that if they can drive the car they’ve always dreamed of, live in the mansion they’ve always hoped for, and purchase anything they want whenever their heart desires it…THEN they are a successful.


I’ve never driven a corvette, much less owned one. My teeny, tiny house is so far from a mansion that it isn’t even funny and purchasing things for myself on a whim…hardly ever—but successful, that I am.

My definition of success is when you can lay your head on your pillow at night knowing you did your best with what you had to make a difference for someone, somewhere. That is being wildly successful! I don’t get wrapped up in “what” was done or for “whom” it was done for because that doesn’t matter.  It could be a smile for someone who was crying, a reassuring hug for someone who was fearful, or a sacrificial gift for someone who could never repay your kindness.

We tend to put a price tag on success, but the Bible reminds us of Jesus’ success.  Jesus came to seek and save those that were lost (Luke 19:10) and was wildly successful.  He led by example to show us the very meaning of what success is.  When we focus on that version of success, then JOY unspeakable will be ours….abundantly so!

Enjoy the satisfying joy of success that is available for all who desire it!


Marie Wikle seeks to bring happiness to all those around her. She does this through her non-profit corporation Spreading Joy. She loves blessing others and simply putting a smile on their face. If you would like to join her or be encouraged by her, follow her on Twitter @spreadingJOY, ‘like’ her page on Facebook, or visit her website. On behalf of Proverbs & Wisdom we thank Marie for being a guest writer and applaud her for all the smiles she brings daily!


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