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Encouragement for recent times

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, we live in difficult and disheartening times. Every day on the news we hear of more lives gone, evil defined as moral, and attacks against the Body of Christ. Many more will face death for our Savior’s name, and your beliefs in Christ will be challenged. 

While this can be a scary era to live in, it doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be. Always remember to stay strong and be true to the faith instilled within you. Our Lord Jesus forewarned us of these times and those to come. And if you listen closely enough, you may even hear the Lord whispering, “Do no fear,” as He has told so many before you.

During these moments we must encourage one another. Despite public opinion and the rapid growth of the secular world, Christianity is still relevant. In fact, the world is ever-more in need of the Gospel. Therefore, we must learn to love ourselves, our neighbors, and the God whom we serve. I implore you not to debate on what’s politically correct, but to focus on what’s Biblically true. Remember, you can never go wrong following a righteous God.

I know you may feel weary. I know it’s easy to lose hope — but don’t! Continue enduring. God honors obedience and He has not overlooked you. Be mindful not to fall into the trap of deception. Be cautious of who and to what you listen. Be quick to guard your heart and to take heed to what God is telling you.

Continue to grow in the Lord. Continue to bring honor to His name. Continue to have hope, trusting God regardless of the circumstance. Yes, the days are becoming darker. But — there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is Jesus Christ. Let Him determine and guide your steps.

In all things use wisdom, seek understanding, and remember to pray always. Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon. Get ready.


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