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Don’t Walk, Run!

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“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” (Matthew 5:17)

The Law taught God’s bare minimum expectation of His people.

If you wanted a shot at redemption and eternity, you towed the line: nothing more and nothing less.

Jesus came as a sacrifice for redemption that would fulfill the requirement of the Law.He came so that God’s people would have “life to the full.”

Think of it like this:

-The Law teaches you how to walk.

-Jesus shows you how to run.

Jesus didn’t come to change the Law.He didn’t have a “new” way or a “different” way.Jesus’ goal was simply to show disciples trying to walk that they could be running.He just wants them to experience so much more than mere walking.

Many Christians today are content to just walk in their lives:

-As long as they don’t worship any idols, they’re ok.

-As long as they don’t misuse God’s name, they’re ok.

-As long as they go to church most Sundays, they’re ok.

-As long as they don’t have an affair, commit a murder, or steal a car, they’re ok.

– As long as they honor their parents, they’re ok.

All that’s good, but add it up, and all you get is an empty, rule-oriented, burned-out life.

Jesus wants to show you how to run:

-Commit to caring for the widow who lives down the block.

-Decide to love the person at school/work who no one really cares about and everyone makes fun of.

-Choose to be involved with a small group that will disciple you and hold you accountable.

-Start encouraging people instead of pointing out their shortcomings.

-Dust off the gift God gave you and start singing, playing, teaching, organizing or investing in your own unique way.

If you’re life just seems sort of empty, like there should be something more going on, consider that maybe you’ve been walking when Jesus wants you to run.

Written by Adam Jones

Reposted with the author’s permission from Adam Jones Blog. On behalf of Proverbs and Wisdom, we thank Adam for allowing us to republish his article.

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