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Cultivate love in the garden of friendship


People come and go throughout a person’s life. Building strong bonds, we recognize there are the one or two that will remain with us forever. They are the ones that stay true. We made an effort to cultivate love in the garden of friendship, and by choosing wisely, the love created between friends will grow and becomes a blessing.

True Friends

True friends are the ones that will stay with you despite work, familial obligations, distance or time. But how do you know if they are really true? You will know because they will:

  • Support you in all your endeavors;
  • Not need to be impressed;
  • Forgive you for anything;
  • Always have your back;
  • Let you explore your interests;
  • Know all your little quirks;
  • Keep your secrets;
  • Make time for you; and
  • Always have a shoulder to cry on.

Cultivate the One who Remains Constant

Do not forget that as you move through life, your true friends are also doing the same. Continue to nurture those friendships, but be sure to cultivate the One who is always in the garden as He is constant. He will always support you, will never need to be impressed, forgive you no matter what, have your back, allow you to spread your wings, know you inside and out, let you confide in Him, and is always there to carry your burdens. Yes, indeed, what a friend He is. What a friend we have in Jesus!

As the seasons change, select ways that will continue to nourish the friends whose needs may change. Do not forget that there is always one constant in your garden that will never require anything, but will reward you a hundred-fold when you give to Him. No matter what, choose your methods of cultivation wisely, and ALL the love you harvested in your friendship garden will continue to be a blessing year after year.
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