Bringing Back Good

Do you get tired of hearing bad news?

We know we do. But what if you turned on the TV, opened a magazine or perused social media and saw good news everywhere?

Well, you can start Bringing Back Good by creating and sharing good news: good memories with friends and family, good news within your community, and good will through acts of charity.

Bad news doesn’t have to be the only thing in the headlines.

That’s why we’ve started the Bringing Back Good campaign: because, like you, we want to see a positive change in the media, in our neighborhood, and in the lives of those around us.


How You Can Bring Back Good:


What positive issues and stories do you want to see in the headlines? Whether it’s a success story from a business owner, a praise report in ministry, a victory story from a cancer patient, or commending a graduate we value it as important. If you want your fundraiser story highlighted, believe someone is a great volunteer who deserves to be noticed, let us know! We want to hear about it. We’ll be publishing Good News Headlines here on our website, and in our magazine IN THE LIGHT. So Bring Back Good in the headlines by helping us know what stories to cover.

Sometimes it seems that we are better informed on the negative things happening in the world than the positive ones. You hear friends, families, and even co-workers exchanging unfortunate news. But, you can help change that. What positive stories do you have to share? What good things have you experienced today, or this week? While the old adage may be true that misery loves company, we believe the smallest ounce of goodness causes the darkest room to glow. Share on social media notes of encouragement, positivity, and hope with the hashtag #BringingBackGood. Join us in letting others know there are still good people doing good things in this world.

A word of encouragement goes a long way. In times of trouble, or in times of joy, encouragement from others uplifts the spirit. Make a list, writing down the names of specific people who you’d like to encourage this week. Then, plan how you are going to encourage them. Try writing them a letter and “snail mail” it. Send them a card, a thank you note. In this digital era, it’s easier than ever to Facebook, Tweet, or email someone an uplifting message. With cell phones abound also, you can send a text or a visual message to uplift them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your words of encouragement will make a huge impact in someone’s life. 

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