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Be Nominated For Our Award!! -(Closed)

This month we will be issuing out the Proverbs & Wisdom Award. It will be awarded to a website (blogs included) and/or individual that encourages, empowers, and/or enlightens people. The person or website must be of good merit.

The award will be given to those nominated here on our Facebook fan page or by commenting with a nominated link below. Please also provide a reason why the nominee should receive the award. You are permitted to nominate yourself and your personal blog; however each individual is only entitled to place two (2) entries (to minimize our page from appearing as spam). You may enter in two (2) people, two (2) websites or one (1) of each. To increase awareness of your entries you can have others nominate them. Just provide them with our Facebook URL: or this article link. 

The nomination period will be Monday, July 4, 2011 through Monday, July 25, 2011. The recipient will receive a letter with the official Proverbs & Wisdom letter head, an award button (if it is a website or the individual has a website), and be recognized in our July Newsletter. If you have any questions, please contact us on our page’s contact tab or by commenting below. Best wishes. Thank you.
-Proverbs & Wisdom Staff

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  1. wtbfl

    I would like to nominate This is an amazing site with great ways of lifting you up and encouraging people to help others no matter how big or how small. I first stumbled upon Mari and the site when I started on twitter in 2009. I was new to twitter and thought it was just about news and contest then I saw something that said #tworship after searching the feed I found some great people who enjoyed doing the very things I felt I was missing after moving to a small town. Immediately Marie took me in and made me feel like I was home…she is so amazing and always has time to share with others…she is doing what all of us should be doing that is spreading joy. I find her site uplifting and powerful a woman I aspire to be =)

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