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Are You Taking Blessings For Granted?

Count your “smallest” blessings beloved, and see all that God has done—and when you’ve finished, lift your hands to praise Him for every one.

How often do we overlook the smallest pieces of life God has blessed us with? If we are given money, cars, houses, job promotions, along was a list of many, we normally recognize these as big blessings. Yet, these things are usually smaller fragments of bigger blessings the Lord has given us. It is important for us to be aware that sometimes, the blessings we take for granted are the ones with the greatest value.

A job promotion is such a wonderful blessing, but the greater blessing is having a job. Waking up in the morning, what blessing is bigger than that? It is another opportunity to live and prosper, to be empowered, inspired, and live life to its fullest. I’ve always said, “If I am breathing there’s hope, because I have the opportunity to cause change.” We take it for granted that tomorrow we’ll wake up, continue on with our lives, and begin our day. However, getting up every morning is a blessing from God; appreciate who you are and the life you have today.

People tend to get frustrated with their situations: they can’t stand their job, they want a new house, their car is old. Be thankful that you even have something to talk about. There are hundreds of people wishing for a place to sleep, a job to pay for their needs, and a car so they don’t have to walk during inclement weather. Learn to be appreciative. Remember that while you’re complaining about what you don’t have, there are thousands more praying for what you do have.

I think of all the times in my life when situations could have been worse and how each time God provided His protection, grace and favor in all of them. So many times we ask God “why” without acknowledging if we could only change our perception of life, we could recognize how blessed we are. How beautiful is it to have a Lord who provides us with blessings continuously even when we have taken previous blessings for granted! I can promise you that no one can love you as much as God.

My friend, the next time you find yourself upset, take a moment to look at all the gifts you have been given. The gift of life is more than I could have ever asked for, but God’s blessings do not stop there. He continues to pour them from the gates of Heaven. I thank God so much for all He has done in my life and all that He will do. In the morning my first thought is “Praise God for another day.” He really didn’t have to wake me up, but He did. For who is like the Lord—compassionate and merciful? After what I have experienced I can say, “no one.”

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