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A Message of Hope

We can lose hope in times of struggles and hardships, but we must remember that we are capable of overcoming all things, that nothing is impossible, and if we believe we can do it— we can. We can’t let our problems defeat us. Instead, we must defeat our problems. Normally, our situations appear bigger than they really are. It isn’t until we change our view of it that it becomes easier and more manageable to work through.
If you’ve started a task don’t give up. Have perseverance. Overcoming struggles only makes you stronger. You learn from your circumstances and when you encounter them again you’ll face them the second time with ease. There isn’t one issue that doesn’t have a solution. Something can always be done. 
Everyone goes through issues in life so don’t feel discouraged. Usually, if it weren’t for our struggles, we wouldn’t be the strong individual we are presently. Whenever you feel like a task is impossible to do, remember past issues that you got through. Remember how you once struggled, found the solution, and overcame it. The milestone that you are facing now is the same. It is only a stepping-stone that will take you to higher places in life.
The apostle Paul said he rejoiced in his struggles. Why? Because he knew they would only make him better. Paul was not a quitter—he continued to persevere in all things— and in return became wiser. Proverbs 23:18 says that there is a hope for you in the future. So be encouraged! God has something great planned for you. Often times, people give up without knowing success was just around the corner. That if they had only persevered a little bit longer, if they had only tried one more time, they could have succeeded. You may not see success right now, but know that it exists. Have hope and most importantly, know that God has blessed you with a prosperous future (Jeremiah 29:11).
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