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A Crucial Part to Success: Waiting In Expectation

A pregnant woman waits in expectation that in nine months she will give birth to a baby. When we go shopping, we keep in mind the cost because we are expecting to pay for it. And when we are hired for a job, our manager expects us to be hard-working. In all of these situations there is some expectation. Although the finished product is not seen we are expecting what’s to come. Likewise, we too, have to wait and hope to see the fruit of our labor.

More than anything, doubt and our discouraged attitudes prohibit us from obtaining our blessings. Before our blessings can even reach us, we doubt that it will come. Sometimes people tend to get discouraged out of impatience because they haven’t received their desires quickly enough. But this friends, is an attitude we have to overcome.

An important thing to know in life is that for every action, there is an equal or greater reaction. The smallest deed—negative or positive—will have an effect. Why is this important? How can this be related to success? Because we must know that for every action we do there will always be a response. We may not have seen it yet, but it will come. Therefore, don’t get discouraged and be doubtful, the reaction is on its way!

Waiting in expectation is vital for success. You may work hard day in and day out, do all the things necessary to achieve, and still may not receive any prosperity. Know that all things, especially good things, require time. Wait and expect that there will be a reaction for your deeds. If you only work hard or attempt to be successful by the quick reactions you get, you’ll probably have none to very little success. You must wait it out, learn to be patient, and hope for good things.

King David said in Psalms 5:3 that he laid His request to God and waited in expectation. You see, David believed that what he wanted was possible to get; it was just going to take time. He didn’t have any second thoughts that his requests were impossible to receive. He knew if he was patience enough, eventually they would come.

Success and disbelief can never coexist. You have to believe that whatever you’re working towards, whatever you are putting effort into, and in David case, pray for, and will come to pass. Establish a strong foundation now to have faith that it is possible. Have hope and wait in expectation that good things are on its way.

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