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People Who Continue My Inspiration

You know, I have to be honest with you. Proverbs & Wisdom (P&W) and In The Light Magazine (ITL) is existing and flourishing by God’s strength and grace, but it is through an amazing group of people who God continues to inspired me.

Today, I’d like to share with you some of the people who inspire me most towards this website, ministry and magazine (in no particular order).

Stephen P. Porter

Stephen has inspired me for a while. He’s a Christian writer for us, and his personal website Manifest Blog; however, at one time he was an atheist. God spoke to him audibly one day and right then, Stephen surrendered his life to God. Now he’s been providing his gifts and talents not only with us, but other ministries as well. A humble and kind-hearted person.

P.S. Not to mention he cleans up and edits the articles for our website! We tend to make typos, Stephens helps us out with them.

Susan Dusterhoft

Susan wears many hats and despite it all, her generosity towards me is beyond measure. Her kindness has helped me become a better (and wiser) writer, her contributions make In The Light Magazine be as great as it is, and she shares ‘lots of wisdom. Her work can be found on Today’s Working Woman, her personal website, and By the way, if you live in California, she may be writing your news at CBS.

Danielle Wright

You know those people who are always on-the-go and manage to still finish well? That’s Danielle. She’s so creative and her new ideas for our website and magazine are always valued. She’s vibrant, fun, and loves sports. Oh, and I can’t forget that when our magazine needs to be designed, Danielle is always on my speed dial.

Loriann Jensen

It doesn’t matter what organization you have and especially for ministry, a prayer intercessor is needed. Loriann has to be one of the most dedicated people I’ve seen. Her love for God and her love for praying for our team, all of you, and the requests we receive is amazing. She sends me little reminders of how she’s praying for P&W and ITL magazine’s team — even when nothing is wrong! She also sends follow-ups to those who send in prayer requests to ensure all is well. She’s a blessing and keeps us all spiritually strong. (By the way, she loves to tweet!)

Ebonie Jones

If you’re connected to our Proverbs & Wisdom and/or In The Light Facebook pages, you know Ebonie well. She posts all those profound pictures you love to share (thanks for sharing, too) and words of wisdom. It’s inspiring to see how she juggles managing to write for so many people, and yet always makes time for God. Ebonie also has a website, The New Woman, that has blessed me.

Our Contributors:

Christlove Thermidor and Camille Snow

Christlove was first a follower and friend on Twitter who later became a contributor and mentoring sister to me. Her passion for God is forever coming out her mouth. She’s taking a break from P&W to pursue missionary work, but it’s inspiring to see how she strives to be so obedient to God.

Camille thunders with prophetic messages and encouragement. She’s good for tweeting or Facebooking you random messages to empower you. Look out for her! On P&W she’s shared messages on God’s love and dreams for us. Currently, she too is on break to grow her ministry: The Kingdom’s Princess Project.


Behind the Scenes:

Dev Pitta

Dev is forever encouraging me, praying for me, and sharing God’s word with me. Every mentor needs a mentor. Every encourager needs an encourager. And although you won’t see him on P&W or ITL magazine, he helps build me up to do what God calls me to do.

Heather Heinzer

Oh, where do I start? OK…I could tell you about the horrible design I originally made for Proverbs & Wisdom and how Heather came to my rescue to make P&W look stunning, but you don’t want to hear that. Whenever the website goes down (which only happened once, thanks to me, and not to Heather who maintains the website gracefully) she’s there literally in 5 minutes. She does all the tech-savy stuff that I either am still praying for patience for or unable to do. So when you come to our website, see ITL magazine’s logo and fancy graphics, just know Heather from Bubba Mack Designs talent was there.




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