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10 Things Hurricane Irene Taught Me


1. That without electricity, I am a lot more creative. 
I think I’m going to turn off the power more often now…maybe.
2. Going to bed early, say around 8:30-9pm and waking up at 5am is much better.
Since I didn’t have power for about 5 days, I went to bed earlier so I could wake up at the crack of dawn. I wanted the most hours of daylight possible.
3. To conserve.
All the little extra things I thought I needed in bountiful amounts is unnecessary. Use less, save more.
4. Trees aren’t as strong as I thought they were.
So many trees were uprooted and fell down. Here are some photos I took (click the pictures to enlarge them):
5. The wind is much stronger than I thought it was. 
I mean, after all, did you see how it knocked down those trees above?
6.  Current day media would almost be non-existent without TV and internet.
OK, I know I keep mentioning the loss of power and it really wasn’t that bad. BUT, without it, I was completely out of the loop on what was happening in the world. Yes, I buy newspapers (I honestly do) and news magazines (I’m a subscriber to a few), but without internet and television at one point I had no clue of what was going on. A feeling I didn’t like.
7.  That I can make a blanket in a few days.
A blanket? Yes, a blanket. When it got late outside (I couldn’t read. Being a reader and writer made this very annoying). So, I made a blanket in the evening and late hours. Here’s a picture and if you don’t like it, you try making a blanket in the dark *smiles* (Picture is slightly blurred. It was taken on my phone):
8. The air after a hurricane smells so clean.
            Did I mention newly, clean, purified, rain-washed, wind-blown, fresh air?
9. How God really does protect people.
Perhaps this should’ve been number one on the list, but don’t think I’m undermining God in anyway.  After seeing all the trees that had fallen I realized one thing: they all fell the opposite direction of the houses. God may have let the hurricane cause damage, but not to His people.
10.  People won’t stopping have long conversations on cell phones.
Here’s my thought. If my electricity is off, meaning I cannot charge my phone, then I should conserve my cell phone battery, right? Wrong. Despite the hurricane not even being halfway over so many people were just chatting away, having regular conversations on their cell phones. God-forbid they really needed it for an emergency. I guess they could’ve lit the fallen branches and made a fire? Perhaps the light would’ve drawn attention.
Most of all, I learned to appreciate life more than I already had. I saw the pictures of cities and even neighboring towns flooded and almost permanently destroyed. I feel spared and thankful that God had did so much for me.
And I cannot forget, to say THANK YOU to everyone who tweeted me (seeing your tweets via text-message (again no internet) was comforting, knowing that you were all praying). Thankful of you all!

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