Our Vision

What we do:

We are dedicated to encouraging, empowering, and enlightening people. Our vision is to build up lives and see them completely restored: mentally and spiritually healed, so that they may live out their full potential. With the help of our team and volunteers, we are helping people reclaim victory and purpose. 
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We are here for you

You're never alone

There is nothing worse than you needing someone, or wanting someone, during a difficult season in life and feeling all alone. Hard times come, but in these moments we are here to stand by your side and lift you up in prayer. Regardless of what your request is for you or someone you know, our team and community of prayer warriors are here to pray for you. 

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Bringing Back Good

Together, we can shed light and bring hope.

Do you get tired of hearing bad news?  What if you turned on the TV, opened a magazine or perused social media and saw good news everywhere?  Well you can start Bringing Back Good by creating and sharing good news: with friends and family, within your community, and through acts of charity.  Join us in the Bringing Back Good campaign.  Bad news doesn’t have to be the only thing in the headlines.  One good act creates an army of love when we all work together.  

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We Need You!

Become A Volunteer

Become a part of our family. You have the ability to help people reclaim victory and purpose. 


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Words from the people we serve: